The Terms and Conditions also referred as an ‘Agreement’, is applicable to the use of website www.packagetourkerala.com. Before participating in this ‘Website’, we believe that User has fully read, understood and accepted this Terms and Conditions. If he\she does not agree the Terms and Condition not access ‘Website’. The Agreement comprises the binding obligation towards the 'Website'. Registered Members has a User Identity and Password to access his account and the User (travelers) should not use the information which are on the ‘Website’ its an unlawful or prohibited purposes. The ‘Website’ does not allow to access, monitor or copying of content using any robot, spider, scraper or other automated means or for any manual purpose. Registered Members and Users would be terminated immediately if they fail to complete with any of the below mentioned provisions of this Terms and Conditions.

1. For Registered Members (Travel Agents):

1. The Registered Members should proceed correct, current and complete information to the ‘Website’.

2. If the Registered Member is an individual, he\she should registered into the Agreement, but if a Registered Member represents a company, in that case, the company has entered into an Agreement with the said 'Website’. The address which added on the on line registration form should be at the head or registered office of such companies.

3. Registered Member shall not sell, attempt to sell, offer to sell, give, assign or transfer his/her Account, User Identity or Password to a Third Party.

4. The Website www.packagetourkerala.com.have the power to refuse any online registration of Master account or Sub User Account registration for any reasons. We also hold the right to seize an account without prior notice for any issue which is not in the interest of said ‘Website’.

5. The Registered Members should also notice any unauthorized use of their own account.

2. For Users (Travelers):

Information provided by the 'Users',

1. The information used by ‘Users’ should not be false, inaccurate, defamatory, threatening or obscene.

2. It shouldn’t contain viruses of any other computer programs used for hacking.

3. Transactions between Registered Members (Travel Agents) and Users (Travelers):

1. The www.packagetourkerala.com. is an online ‘Website’ for exchanging information and carrying transactions between the Registered Members (Travel Agents) and Users (Travelers).The www.packagetourkerala.com. ‘Website’ is not responsible for the quality, safety, lawfulness of services offered by the Registered Members.

2. Registered Members and User’s are only responsible for all the terms and conditions of the transactions.

3. Registered Members and Users are not hold the Website if problem arise in transaction. The Website is not responsible for it. The Registered Members and Users parties agree to release the said ‘Website’ from all claims, demands, actions, proceedings, costs, expenses and damages arising in such transactions.

4. Copyright:

The content which present on the ‘Website’www.packagetourkerala.com is copyrighted except the content of third party and link to other websites. Content represents text, images, HTML codes, graphs and other data which are available on the ‘Website’.

5. Privacy Policy:

The Personal information which provide by User during the use of the said 'Website' is governed by our privacy policy.

6. Link to Other Websites and Products/Services:

The third party access this said Websites through Hyperlinks (words/banners/channels/otherwise) but there is no control over the content, products or services and made available by such sites. The www.packagetourkerala.com ‘Website’ is not liable to and/or responsible for any type of issues concerned with out bound links and such issues would not be entertained.

7. Modification/Termination of Usage:

The Terms and Conditions of the said Website will be changed or modify, update from time to time, without any notifications to Registered Members and Users. So Registered Members and Users are ask to access the Agreement periodically if you don’t adhere to the changes, the ‘Website’ will stop the service.

8. Security:

Registered Members and User(s) are prohibited to disregard of the said ‘Website’. If it happen the said ‘Website’ have the rights to take legal action in the event of any such activity.

9. Disclaimer:

The said ‘Website’ doesn’t claims on the accuracy and adequacy of the available information on it. It holds no liability to the errors or any irrelevant information present on the www.packagetourkerala.com ‘Website’.

10. Changes in Terms and Conditions of Use:

The Term and Conditions of ‘Website’ may change from time to time. So Registered Members and Users ask to access periodically.

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