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Ayurveda and Rejuvenation Tour Package

Ayurveda and Rejuvenation Visit Kerala India for Authentic and Traditional Ayurvedic Wellness therapy treatment for all age group the program includes special rejuvenation programs with traditional scientifically proved Panchakarama procedure. The procedures brings to you come close to the nature by rejuvenating your body and mind in a eco friendly environment with healthy fresh air and food. Our ayurveda centers at Kerala India provides all kind of wellness treatment by personally examined by qualified experts and Doctors in Ayurveda and Sidha. Ayurveda Procedures adopted while treatment are Medicated Steam Bath, Patraswedam , Kulatha Swedham, Foot massage technique, Pizhichil, Punnagathi Kizhi, Uzhichil(General Massage), Udwarthanam, Takradhara, Njavarakizhi, Nsyam, Shirodhara etc With our specially Customized designed Ayurveds Wellness Packages like Beauty care, Mind Relaxation, De- Stress, Body & Mind Rejuvenation, Oldage Disorders Treatment , Body Immunization, Body Purification, Slimming etc., With ayurveda package you can enjoy the natural beauty of kerala, the ayurveda tour packages includes Kerala Backwater Tour, Houseboat Package, Hillstation Tour, Beaches, Wildlife Tour, Temple Tour, Cultural tour, Ayurveda Group Family Vacation or Honeymoon Holiday Trip to Kerala India … Our Effective tour package in Ayurveda and rejuvenation offers 4 Day, 10 Days, 20 Days 7 Days, 14 Days Ayurveda Tour Package, you can customize your tour package as per your connivance we have a lot of Plan Your Touroptions for your treatment and tour Our experts will help you and Guide you for a affordable ayurveda tour package at any part of the world.
Ayurveda Procedure
Medicated Steam Bath Medicated Steam Bath

patient is given oil massage and then exposed to a steam bath containing medicinal herbs which is steamed in boiling water treat obesity body pain laziness fate

Kerala Ayurveda Fot Massage Foot massage technique

masseur uses his food for doing massage to the entire body is a good procedure for recovering from join & body pain a scientifically proved good for body

Kulatha Swedham Treatment ayurveda south india Kulatha Swedham

Small bags made of cotton cloth containing various herbal powders & heated in dry pan at constant temperature suiting the body the bag is rubbed on body

Ayurveda Tour South India Pizhichil :

once a year, this helps keaping the body fit and strong life long.It is also shows good result on for papaplegia, hemiplegia and general weakness.

Patraswedam Kerala Massage Tour Patraswedam :

Little cloth bundles made of herbs are dipped in warm oil & rapidly rubbed over whole body Recommended for certain types of muscular and nervous

Herbal Treatment Tour Kerala India Punnagathi Kizhi :

fresh herbs taken in small cotton bag is kept warm by constantly dipping in hot herbal medicated oil slimmered in a pan then rubbed onto the entire body

>Uzhichil (General Body Massage) : Uzhichil(General Massage):

useful for general fitness and fits the entire body. It helps in toning up muscle tissues, alleviates stiffness of joints, helps in better blood circulation

Ayurveda Tour in India Udwarthanam :

body massaging with various herbs and medicated powders. A procedure shows good result in melting body fat and obesity related problems.

South India Ayurveda Tour Packagr Takradhara :

medicated buttermilk is poured on the forehead continuously for 60 mts It cools the entire body system and is good for eye-ear-nose related problems

Kerala Tourism Ayurveda Spa Tour Package India Njavarakizhi :

Small cotton bags is filled with particular kind of cooked rice dipped in warm milk with herbs containing medicated decoction continuously rubbed

Kerala Ayurveda Aeguation Tour Shirodhara :

patient lies on back side and medicated oil is continuously poured on forehead from an eastern vessel migraines conic headaches hyper tension and insomnia

Tourism Ayurveda India Nsyam :

Treatment is done via the nasal canal Medicated oils of certain herbs are dipped into the nose, good result caused due to head/nerves related problems

Kerala Ayurveda Tour
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